Group Transportation Solutions: How Many People Does a Charter Bus Hold in Raleigh?

Is it time to arrange group transportation for your next company outing or trade show? Choosing the right charter bus will maximize your travel comfort and guarantee a stress-free ride. Still, you may wonder, “How many people does a charter bus hold?”

Professional chauffeurs at a charter bus rental in Raleigh, NC, explain everything you need to know about these practical travel solutions. Consider the following information, then book a ride with a five-star company near you.

How Many People Does a Charter Bus Hold in Raleigh, NC?

Keeping your group together during a business conference or arranging something for post-conference networking is essential for your company’s development. Discussions at these gatherings may help you earn new clients and secure corporate partnerships. However, planning multiple rides for your staff can be expensive and may delay some employees from meeting important colleagues.

Renting a charter bus will eliminate these concerns — but how many passengers will these vehicles accommodate? The answer may not be as straightforward as you expect. Here are some factors to consider.

Charter Bus Basics

A charter bus is a type of group transportation vehicle that enables large parties to travel together across long distances. Most luxury transport companies offer overnight and cross-country services to streamline trips.

Companies may charge their services by the hour or by the day, depending on the distance or customer request.

On the low end, some charter buses carry between 20-30 passengers. Larger options may provide comfortable seating for 70 passengers or more.

Brand Matters

Seating capacity varies depending on the brand and charter bus specifications you choose. Here are a few examples of popular charter buses:

  • Prevost: Prevost is a reputable bus manufacturer that produces high-end coaches for large groups. They are suitable for 40-50 passengers. However, some models may provide seating for up to 60 passengers.
  • Volvo: Many people recognize Volvo for its modern SUVs and sedans. However, the company also manufactures executive coaches that seat between 45-60 passengers.
  • Motor Coach Industries (MCI): MCI manufactures a wide range of charter bus vehicles for up to 61 passengers.
  • Van Hool NV: This top-of-the-line vehicle manufacturer produces buses that can hold an impressive 72 passengers. Some business professionals recommend partnering with a private charter company that offers this model. You can save money on your trip by hiring just one or two of these buses for your conference.

Added Amenities May Take Up Space

Some private transportation companies may invest in charter buses with luxury interior features for optimal passenger comfort. Here are a few accommodations you might expect:

  • Additional leg room
  • Overhead or below-seat luggage storage
  • Pull-down writing desks
  • Kitchen utilities
  • Toilet utilities
  • And more

How many people does a charter bus hold if it includes onboard amenities?  Don’t judge a book by its cover — some charter buses may look huge on the outside but added interior amenities may mean less seating on the inside.

Always ask your chosen bus company for professional recommendations before you reserve a ride. This way, you will know what to expect when it comes time to board.

Choosing the Right Company

You don’t need to plan your charter bus transportation alone. Trusted bus companies will provide links to their fleet online. You can explore your options and determine which charter bus is right for you.

Additionally, a chauffeur will explain everything you need to know about arranging a trip for corporate groups. They may recommend overnight rides or periodic stops, depending on the distance you need to travel.

Give your chauffeur an accurate estimate of how many people you expect to bring on your trip. This method will help them prepare the bus with everything your staff needs for a comfortable ride.

You may need to reserve a second charter bus if you overbook your passengers. However, your chosen company may not be able to provide last-minute reservations, so plan your trip carefully.

Simplify Your Group Transportation With Triangle Bus Charters

It’s wise to hire a private transport company you can trust, regardless of which charter bus type you choose. At Triangle Bus Charters, we help customers like you get the most out of their group transportation experience. Our five-star chauffeurs will protect your luggage, stay on schedule, and answer any questions you have during your trip.

You can call our office to learn more about the benefits of hiring a group transportation service.

How many people does a charter bus hold in Raleigh, NC? Speak to a Triangle Bus Charters chauffeur at (919) 694-7756.

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