Looking to Hire a Charter Bus in Raleigh? Keep These 5 Considerations in Mind

When traveling with a large group, renting a charter bus to transport everyone in one vehicle is often the most convenient and cost-effective option. Instead of taking multiple smaller vehicles or leaving the group to arrange their own transportation, opting to hire a charter bus ensures everyone arrives at the destination on time, eliminates the stress of coordinating rides, and helps the environment by taking cars off the road. Not to mention when the whole group rides together to the family reunion, concert, sporting event, or wherever your plans take you, the fun starts on the ride there.

If the idea of renting a bus for day trips, or even a long-term rental for a road trip, sounds appealing, check out this advice from Triangle Bus Charters, the source for the most reliable charter bus rentals in Raleigh, NC, to be sure you have the best experience.

How to Hire a Charter Bus in Raleigh, NC

When you want to hire a charter bus, having the following information will help make the process easier and ensure you get the right vehicle at the right price.

1. Know the Destination

When you talk to the charter bus company, the first question they’ll ask is, “Where are you going?” Not only is this crucial information for determining the hourly rate, but the company also needs to know your destination to plan the route. Depending on the type of bus you rent, the driver may need to take an alternate route; some destinations restrict full-size charter buses from certain roads or areas, for example.

2. Have a Head Count

Confirming how many people plan to take the charter bus trip ensures you get the right vehicle. You don’t want to overpay for an extra-large vehicle you don’t need or risk not having enough space for all the passengers and their bags. The company needs a head count and an accurate estimate of how much luggage people will have so they can provide an accurate quote on the charter bus price.

If you have passengers while particular needs, make sure the charter bus can accommodate them. Traveling with older people or persons with disabilities means choosing a vehicle with accessibility features like ramps, while children may need seats that can fit car seats or boosters.

3. Confirm the Amenities

Amenities vary depending on the size and type of bus. Some larger and full-size buses have restrooms on board, for example, while others come equipped with comfortable reclining seats, DVD players, sound systems, charging ports, coolers, and other features to make charter bus travel more comfortable. If you have a specific requirement or want to offer guests certain amenities and creature comforts, confirm their availability before you hire a charter bus.

4. Review Driver Experience

When you hire a charter bus, you’re not just hiring a vehicle. You get the experience of a professional driver as well, but not all drivers are created equal. To ensure the safety and well-being of your group, ask the company for more information about who drives the charter bus rentals and their experience and training.

Don’t be afraid to ask for more details about the driver, such as their familiarity with where you are going and navigating different terrain, and to confirm their license and insurance. Reputable rental companies have no issue providing this information and want you to feel comfortable riding one of their well-maintained and professionally driven buses.

5. Compare Costs

Hiring any transportation on the basis of price alone is never advisable, but you do want to get an accurate estimate of how much your trip will cost. In addition to the hourly rate, ask the company whether they add additional fees or surcharges. Options like having the bus pick up passengers at their homes instead of setting a single meeting point can drive up the cost, so be sure you have all the information before making a decision.

Talk to Triangle Bus Charters About Transportation for Your Next Group Outing

Whether you’re exploring the North Carolina countryside with a group or just want to bring the gang to a show without dealing with multiple cars, it makes sense to hire a charter bus. Explore group transportation options for up to 58 passengers from Triangle Bus Charters, and give us a call at (919) 694-7756 to make a reservation. We’ll help you plan a memorable and stress-free excursion and provide more sustainable travel tips to save money and help the planet while you explore.

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