Seven Tips on Developing a Wedding Transportation Plan

Your wedding day will be something that you remember for the rest of your life. So you should plan it unlike any other event, and that includes developing a thorough plan. Efficient and stylish transportation between wedding venues will make your day so much easier.

Here are seven tips to follow when developing a wedding transportation plan.

Plan Ahead

Consider wedding transport options well in advance of your big day. There is too much at stake for you to leave planning to the last minute. Typically, it’s best to reserve transportation for you, your partner, and the wedding guests between four and six months in advance.

Set a Budget

Before going any further, set a transportation budget for your wedding transportation plan. Without a fixed budget, your costs could creep up, cutting into your savings and taking any funds needed for other parts of your special day. There are wedding transport options suitable for any budgetary needs.

Wedding transportation costs $900 on average. Want to save more money? Book in advance and choose a lower-cost area for your wedding.

It also doesn’t hurt to limit the amount of time you spend on transportation services. You’ll still need to give your driver a hearty tip, however!

Ask The Right Questions

Get in touch with multiple transportation services. How do they approach budgeting and scheduling? Will you have to pay for gas and tips, or is that included in your package?

Reputation matters as well. What do online reviews say about the service? It doesn’t hurt to talk to family and friends, either; there’s nothing like hearing from your loved ones about their experiences with wedding transportation services. But if you need wedding transportation in Raleigh, NC, you can’t go wrong with Triangle Bus Charters.

Compare Quotes

Quotes are your window into how much you’ll be paying for wedding transportation services. Ask around and get as many as you can! There’s no such thing as too many quotes; they keep you informed as to how much you have to pay.

Don’t hesitate to negotiate for a better quote. Many companies are glad to meet you where you’re at. It also doesn’t hurt to ask about partnerships with hotels regarding your guests’ transport and about other potential incentives and special deals.

Pick a Transportation Type

Did you know that you can take a ferry on your wedding day? It’s one of many incredible transportation options you should consider in your wedding transportation plan.

Stretch limousines are a tried and true way of arriving on your wedding day with style and grace. They fit between 12 and 14 guests and feature onboard amenities like drinks and light shows. But people interested in achieving that same sense of pizazz but with a little more room for guests might want a party bus.

Party buses take the party on the road. As you drive around town on your wedding day, you and your guests will have the time of your lives! You could even take that same idea and use a revamped school bus for a quirky experience unlike any other.

The bottom line is that if you can think of a way to get to a wedding, chances are, there’s a company that offers that type of transportation for you and your guests. Just make sure that you include all of your guests in the planning, renting as many vehicles as needed. And have your marriage licenses ready before the big day as well!

Ensure Accessibility

Everybody deserves to feel included during your wedding. Guests using wheelchairs or other accessibility devices might need special accommodations for transportation. Elderly family members could use extra help getting on and off vehicles as well.

Consider whom you’re inviting, and take ample steps to ensure that you meet their mobility needs. Don’t forget to include small children in your wedding transportation plan; they often require car seats and strollers.

Create a FAQ Sheet

Your guests will thank you when you create an FAQ sheet. Pickup times, venue locations, and contact information: list it all on this sheet, and distribute it widely and in advance. You’ll prevent unfortunate mishaps and make sure that all of your guests are there on time.

Triangle Bus Charters Provides Excellent Wedding Transportation

Developing a wedding transportation plan is an important first step. However, you need the right company to bring it to life. Triangle Bus Charters is your number one choice for wedding transportation services in Raleigh.

Call us at (919) 694-7756 to get a quote today!

Triangle Bus Charters can provide effective transportation to and from Raleigh wedding venues.

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