6 Tourist Attractions in Raleigh, NC, To Visit With a Charter Bus Service

6 Tourist Attractions in Raleigh, NC, To Visit With a Charter Bus Service

Raleigh, North Carolina’s bustling capital city, boasts a plethora of tourist attractions to visit. When you book with a charter bus in Raleigh, you ensure that everyone enjoys the experience of a lifetime. You’ll discover various destinations that create a rich experience during your visit. While your group can’t see all the attractions at once, they can experience some of the best locations with a charter bus service. 

Add the following tourist attractions in Raleigh, NC, to your list of places to visit during your group’s stay.

#1 Pullen Park

Holding the title of the oldest amusement park in the world, Pullen Park offers fun activities for adults and children alike. Enjoy iconic features such as the C.P. Huntington mini train and the Gustave A. Denzel Carousel for classic touches. You can also use pedal boats or catch an eclectic show at the Theatre In The Park.

Finish your time with brunch in the picnic area, made all the more delicious for its open air. Remember to take a photo at the “Andy and Opie” statue commemorating The Andy Griffith Show. This statue provides a free token of your experience.

#2 William B. Umstead State Park

With 6,000 acres and 22 miles of trails, the William B. Umstead State Park offers no shortage of outdoor adventures. Sal’s Branch Trail provides picturesque views and is a great attraction for families and beginners. You can also enjoy trails that allow biking and horseback riding. Rent a boat to try your hand at canoe fishing Big Lake. Nothing beats a day in the serene natural beauty of William B. Umstead State Park.

#3 North Carolina Museum of Art

The North Carolina Museum of Art offers myriad experiences for everyone to enjoy. Does your group crave a classic experience in an art gallery? The Museum of Art consists of two buildings filled with art from many cultures, including Greek, Jewish, Ancient Egyptian, and American.

If your group desires an extraordinary experience, you’ll find live entertainment and an outdoor park to satisfy the senses. You can also catch lectures and workshops guided by professional artists at certain points. The North Carolina Museum of Art satisfies the curiosities of any persuasion.

#4 Marbles Kids Museum

If your tour group consists of families with young kids, add the Marbles Kids Museum to your list of must-see tourist attractions in Raleigh, NC. Featuring exploratory, hands-on activities, the kids will love the outdoor area and indoor attractions.

Each activity stimulates learning experiences for kids under 10 as they delve into subjects like science, agriculture, and biology. When the children wear themselves out from the fun, you can finish the visit by experiencing the IMAX theater’s feature or grabbing a bite to eat at the cafe.

#5 State Farmer’s Market

For those who like to peruse local wares, the State Farmer’s Market provides bountiful offerings of local produce, home-canned goods, and eats. Sample the authentic flavors Raleigh provides before purchasing the goods to make at home. Owned by the State of North Carolina, the State Farmer’s Market provides a delicious paradise for foodie tourists.

You can’t miss this sprawl of local goods and Southern flavors. It stays open seven days a week! Add this cornucopia of delectable foods and fresh ingredients to your list of places to visit.

#6 Juniper Level Botanical Gardens

If you want to leave a final, magical impression on your tour group, take them on a stroll through Juniper Level Botanical Gardens. With a collection of over 30,000 exotic plants and countless native specimens, this botanical attraction offers the wonderment of the exotic with the earthiness of home.

Most people label gardens like this as havens for plant lovers. However, anyone will fall in love with its 28-acre sprawl. This attraction provides the perfect splash of color to complete your tour of Raleigh, NC. Since this attraction only opens for a limited time each year, you’ll want to plan accordingly.

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Whether your group comes from out of state or hails locally, you’ll enjoy the best tourist attractions in Raleigh, NC, with Triangle Bus Charters. Our fleet can seat anywhere between 50 to 58 passengers and their luggage with ease. We’ll help your tour group comfortably discover a new world.

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