How Private Group Transportation Can Make College Events Unforgettable

How Private Group Transportation Can Make College Events Unforgettable

Colleges always have something fun or educational for students to do, but a lack of transportation can make it difficult to attend these events. Unfortunately, carpooling, public transportation, and getting a ride from a friend are not always viable options. 

If several people on campus need dependable transportation to attend a college event, booking private group transportation is an excellent idea. Here are some of the many benefits this service offers:

1. Group Stays Together

Some college events can be crowded, rowdy, or unfamiliar to students, especially if the venue isn’t on campus. Private transportation makes it easier to remain organized between destinations without worrying about how to get from place to place. When renting a coach bus for your group, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting lost or left behind.

2. Comfort

Packing onto a crowded city bus isn’t the most desirable way to travel. Those vehicles don’t often offer exceptional comfort, especially for a long ride. When you book a luxury group transportation service, every passenger will have plush seating with plenty of legroom.

Some buses offer additional amenities like reclining seats, footrests, onboard restrooms, heat and air conditioning, and more.

3. Safety

Passenger safety is a top priority for private transportation services. Reputable transportation companies keep their fleet well-maintained to ensure they operate safely. They also hire experienced drivers who dedicate themselves to following all road safety rules while providing a memorable experience for their passengers.

4. Simple Event Planning

Coordinating transportation for multiple people can be challenging, but private coach buses make it easier. The transportation service works around your schedule, not the other way around. The driver will pick you and other passengers up at a predetermined time from the location of your choice.

Besides convenient pick-ups, private group transportation also makes planning an event for college students more manageable. Instead of keeping track of group members in multiple vehicles and worrying about parking, you can ensure everyone rides comfortably on a single luxury coach bus. Renting a coach bus accommodates the entire group’s transportation needs to and from the event.

5. Passengers Spend More Time Together

You can reserve private transportation for up to 50 people per bus. That means you and your friends, members of your dormitory, classmates, and other students on campus can travel together to an event on or off campus.

Instead of wasting time driving, looking for a ride, or waiting for a public bus, you can spend more time with your friends en route to a party, sporting event, museum field, trip, or another outing. With so many seats, you can even connect with other students you haven’t yet met.

6. Cost-Effective

It might seem expensive to book private group transportation. However, it is a cost-effective solution. By traveling with a group and splitting costs, those with and without cars can save on gas, taxi fares, event entry fees, parking fees, and tolls.

7. Reliable Transportation

The problem with public buses, trains, taxis, and carpooling is that they aren’t always reliable. Private group transportation, by contrast, is highly dependable. You and your group can expect the professional driver to perform timely pick-ups and drop-offs with little to no wait time.

With a private bus service, the driver will handle navigation. These professional chauffeurs know the local streets and can find the best routes to any location. They will also take care of parking.

8. Customizable Travel Options

When a couple books a wedding shuttle or other wedding transportation services, they expect to ride in a vehicle that suits the occasion. The same goes for private group transportation for a college event. Unlike public transport, you can select the perfect vehicle from a transportation company’s fleet to accommodate the needs of every group member.

For instance, if your college group includes a passenger with mobility issues, you have the freedom to select a luxury paratransit shuttle or coach. You and everyone on board will have enough seat space and storage for luggage, plus any amenities the company offers.

Get Reliable Group Transportation for Your Next College Event

Whether you need long-distance group transportation for a crawl event in another town or a shuttle bus for a sports game, you can count on Triangle Bus Charters to provide reliable private group transportation. Our service offers a fleet of accessible and well-maintained charter buses for short- and long-distance trips. We employ a team of licensed professional drivers who will safely get you to and from your destinations.

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